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released January 2, 2013

Recorded, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Vikram Shankar at The Prime Mover Studios



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Track Name: In The Mist of an Endless World
As the glow of twilight breaks into the dark of night
I wander through fallen leaves, beaten roads
I seek something more than earthly existence
Yearning for the infinite, lust for the beyond..

I wish for something more
For what I had before
I wish to find myself
In the cold mist of lore..

Black oak and shattered stone of old
Lie in ruin on clouds of mold
Like tears of the damned, the leaves
Fall into the eternal abyss
It is a place devoid of life or bliss
I have entered the abode of nihil
But I feel a sense of comfort still
This is where I belong..

Searching, Dreaming
I lust for some respite
Hoping, Longing
I yearn to be set free..

As the cold winds overwhelm me
I feel a sense of eternal peace
I may not be in the presence of God but
I have found something greater
My home is the land of the fog
My comfort, the embrace of the dark
I have lived for all this time
Only to die and be finally freed..

In the mist of an endless world
The land of that which is lost
With a sense of peace in me
I close my eyes and await my end..